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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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Congrats Councilman Urquidi and Schroeder But...

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It's official!  Geoff Schroeder and Rich Urquidi beat out Alain Issac for the two at-large seats on the Mountain Home City Council.  As the local newspaper seemed to indicate, we [the people] win no matter who gets elected for these city council seats?

Seems like just yesterday the Mountain Home News, which is our local newspaper was saying we need new blood on the City Council.  Oh...that might have been said in 2011 when I was running for a council seat and I was new blood.  But they didn't endorse me for some reason.  And 2 years later, the same folks are saying the old blood is a sure winner for everybody? 

Embarrassing but only about 43 650 people showed up for this election.  And why would, we the people, care who our next city councilpeople will be?  They don't do anything important other than guide where our city will be heading in the next year...or so.  So are, we the people, really winners no matter who become a city councilperson?  Maybe, but consider the following:

  • Mountain Home and Elmore County can again boast women have been purged from the Council/Commissioner ranks.
  • About the same amount/percentage of people voted in this election than volunteered to be infected with Hepatitis B at a recent gathering at a prison in Aleppo, Syria as reported by CNN.  Impressive!
  • This was the first time in the history modern politics where the total number of candidate campaign signs could be counted on 2 hands and one foot (15 if that was too complex for you).
  • Their agenda?  How about a candidate platform?  Or “what you got up your sleeve for the next 4 years” while helping govern the City of Mountain Home?  A website explaining any of this?  Nah...who needs any of that type of communication.

It all boils down to this!  The total amount of communication between candidates and the electorate was about 1.5 hours in a small meeting room at the library on an evening in mid-October.  I call that a big win for the people, don't you?


Mayor Issac Right Now or in 2 Years
The current lame duck Mayor, Tom Rist, has said he will not be running again, leaving his leather bound chair up for grabs in 2015.  Well, why not just appoint outgoing Mountain Home City Councilperson Alain Issac as the next future Mayor.  We'd save time, energy and the money it cost to hold an election.

I'm serious about this.  It's become abundantly clear we the people think we will be the big winners just because the local newspaper says so.  And for the record, I think Alain would make a very good elected Mayor if the 43 people voting in the next election agree. 

This is my Life Off Interstate 84 in Mountain Home, Idaho

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And Then There Were 3 Candidates

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The Annual Mountain Home, Idaho Election Political Forum hosted by the Chamber of Commerce was held on Wednesday October 9th, 2013.  And there are only 3 candidates for our local election for the 2 seats on the Mountain Home City Council.  They are:
-  Alain Isaac
-  Geoff Schroeder
-  Rick Urquidi

I was there and wanted to pass on some observations from this event.  So here goes...











1.  Not many people attended this event telling me the folks in Mountain Home are so darn knowledgeable about these 3 candidates for City Council they don't even have to hear from them.  But for me, this forum actually gave me the information to make a very hard choice on who I will likely vote for in this local election.  


2.  None of the candidates have a written nor formal verbal platform.  Or as they all said, “they don't have an agenda”.  No platform? No agenda? Hell, that usually means no votes from an educated electorate.

Seriously, the people who are going to be discussing and deciding where your tax dollars are headed and shape plans for the future of our City and they have no plans?  Winging it isn't usually a good idea and this issue concerns me greatly.  


3.  Only one candidate mentioned the “C” word.  Of course it was the only woman candidate that had the guts to blurt out the word “Communication”.  Look out Alain Isaac, the people may show up at your house with hot tar and feathers, you heretic, you. :-)  You got my vote for using the “C” word, Alain.


4.  The phrase “Quality of Life” was uttered many times during this forum.  It was used to explain why our property taxes are higher than in Boise.  Heck, if the Simplot nightmare scenario unfolds as a citizens told the story during this event, we will have Quality of Life and it will be all bad.  But only for those of us who have a nose or drink water.  Maybe a platform and a plan for the future really is important.


5  Economic Development was another buzz word.  Just what are the economic development plans for the City of Mountain Home?  Have these plans been “communicated” to the people?  Maybe the City could go out and actively recruit a sister industry to match our Elmore County plans of bringing in a slaughterhouse?


6.  Water.  While we are discussing economic development, no platform and quality of life we might as well throw unicorns and water into the mix.  Did I actually hear someone say our Mayor projects we have only 20 years left before our underground drinking water supplies runs out?  I think I heard that but someone will correct me if I am mistaken, I'm sure.

-  Anyone who doesn't thinks there is anything more important than water to this community should round up that herd of unicorns that drank all the water in the Mountain Home Reservoir this summer.











This political forum was highly informative and educational.  It is my hope that any likely voters who deliberately decided not to attend this event will do the right thing and stay out of the voting booth this November 5th, 2013.

This is my Life Off Interstate 84 in Mountain Home, Idaho



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The Mountain Home Senior Center Political Forum Review

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Crowds at the Mountain Home Senior Center Political Forum in Idaho

See my review from the Elks Lodge/Chamber of Commerce May 1st, 2012 political forum to gain some perspective into this review at:

On Monday May 7th, 2012 there was a political forum held in the Mountain Home Senior Center. From my count 14 candidates and about 55-75 citizens attended the event. It was definitely worth the effort to attend even if it just reaffirmed what I learned at the earlier forum.

The Annoying Political Mantra
- “I'll cut your taxes” was heard a few times last night. And I certainly appreciate the pandering but stop telling me you will cut my taxes unless you can tell me what you want to cut out of the State budget first. I want specifics!

Idaho Sage Grouse political issue

- The Sage Grouse: Why the heck is the Sage Grouse a big issue for our State politicians in 2012? The sage grouse warning shots were fired across the bow back in 2004. The time to act was 7-8 years ago. What have you done in the last 8 years to mitigate the sage grouse problem? Now that's what a true problem solver would tell us.

The Questions Were Asked
Questions at this political forum were quite a bit less pertinent than at the Elks Lodge forum on 1 May 2012. The main reason I can say this is because of the obvious anti-Brackett questions that dominated the last 40 minutes of the forum. Also I thought there were a few questions that would have been more suitable for US Senators/Congressmen.


The Big Winners When Considering both Political Forums
  1. Tim Corder is the best candidate the Republican can put up for the 2012 District 23 Senatorial election. He appears to be very knowledgeable about all the issues, intelligent and most importantly willing/able to solve Idaho's problems. This should be a slam dunk choice for the people of District 23.
  2. Independent District 23 Senatorial Candidate Bill Chisholm: Not in the May 15th Primary but he's an idea man that left to run things would make Idaho a much better place. If all our politician and businesspeople used their brains like Bill, we wouldn't be in the hole we are. It'll be a tough decision if the November ballot has both Corder and Chisholm on it.
  3. Matthew Bundy is a Republican running for District 23 State Representative: The only advice I have for Mr. Bundy is “don't be a one issue candidate” when campaigning down the back stretch. Education is important but so is the economy and solving other problems. He's still “the man” when it comes to the May 15th Republican Primary. While Pete Nielsen and Steve Millington are still throwing tea into the harbor, Mr. Bundy will be solving the problems all people in Idaho are facing.
  4. Bud Corbus running for County Commissioner: I think this man cemented his spot at the top of the Elmore County Commissioners list for me at this 2nd forum. Previously I said Bud was a soft spoken individual but I believe there is “hell-raising” side to this guy that will be good for Elmore County.

Tim Bondy's Parting Shots
- Twin Falls native Senator Brackett was in “enemy territory” during both of these forums and the questions last night reflected that fact. In my opinion, Senator Brackett did more harm than good to his campaign. But he was the only candidate offering an ink pen for political swag at this forum.
- It was disappointing only 55-75 citizens showed up at the Senior Center Forum. While this is “just the primary election”, the people still need to get educated on the candidates. If you are a “declared Republican” you can't just vote for the guy with the “Big R” after his name. They all have R's after their name during this one.
- Buckshot61: You are a lying, extremist jerk and an absolute coward. How's that for hilarious facts?

Got something to add to the conversation? You can comment all you wish but stay on topic please.



Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 May 2012 08:20

The Review: Primary Political Forum on May 1st, 2012

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On May 1st, 2012 at 6:30PM there was a political forum in Mountain Home, Idaho put on by the Chamber of Commerce and our local Elks Lodge. I was there and if you weren't you should have been.

Elmore County Political Forum

Who Showed - The Mountain Home Primary Election Political Forum
My guess is there were about 125-200 citizens in attendance at this forum. There were exactly 14 candidates sitting at the table ready for some hard hitting questions from the general public.
  • Rich Wills, our State Representative, decided to attend but not face the public because “he is running unopposed” in the Primary and likely in the November election. I wouldn't call that cowardly...would you?

Candidates without websites lose

Websites for Platform?
From what I heard from most of the candidates last night, I was and wasn't impressed. Of course, 1 minute sound bites really don't give you enough info to determine if someone is electable in November. That's what websites are for unless the candidate is going to open a full time election office in town. But just in case “the people” want to know what your platform is or what you stand for, a website should actually be considered mandatory. I'll be compiling a list of candidate websites soon. If a candidate doesn't have an informative website before the elections, they will be ridiculed by me...seriously.

Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce website info

The Political Forum Advertising?
Just like a candidate must have a website, a full on advertising blitz needs to be attempted to get people involved in our political process and this forum. In short, if you are not part of the “in crowd” and/or missed the road signs, this political forum would have been a non-event.

The Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce put this event on and their website was almost devoid of any information. Let me check my calendar....Yep, it's the year 2012 and most people have internet connections. I also saw nothing on Facebook, Twitter, the City or County website about this event. Come guys, a few lines on a few websites and “the people” have the opportunity to get a political education.  Maybe someone doesn't want that to happen?

Good questions at forum

Questions Were Good Except
I was impressed with the quality of the questions asked at this political forum. But I'm not going to dwell on the good. The bad is more telling when it comes to finding out what “the people” are thinking. And my favorite question was directed at the motley crew running for an Elmore County Commissioner seat.

“What can you do to encourage higher education to come to Elmore County” was the question. That certainly isn't a direct quote but it gets it into the ballpark.

So what's wrong with that question? Well, it shows a total lack of understanding of what our County Commissioners job is. You wasted my time by asking the question. No seriously, it was a really stupid question.

Elmore County has no plan
The Commissioner Hopefuls Have a Plan?
A question was asked of all candidates. It went something along the lines of “If elected, what do you think will be the biggest challenge you will face in the future”.
I believe most candidates for Commissioner answered something along the line of
“Expanding or creating new jobs and/or businesses in the county. And partnering with the Mountain Home Economic Development Department would be a good 1st step.”

While I agree with the sentiment and the idea, I'd like to know what direction Elmore County (and the City) wants to head in the future. I mean, we should already have a plan...a vision of what this county wants to become and be known for in 5, 10 and 25 years. But there is no published plan. The Economic Development Department, Elmore County and even the Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce and the El-Wyhee Business Association have no plan.

The movers and shakers in this area “want and want and want some more” but have no plans to get to their unstated goal. And the people whose job it is to define and move towards that goal are missing in action. Hopefully the 2 newly elected county commissioners will actually develop a vision and start working to get there.

Who Did Well During the Forum

Tim Corder for Senate
  • Senator Tim Corder: Senator Corder was probably the most well spoken person at the forum. Obviously he isn't well liked by the Republican Party of Idaho right now. He's apparently not conservative enough for the normal Idahoan. But he seems to have common sense, good ideas and can back up what he says with information and sound reasoning. A trait lacking in other candidates.

Bill Chisholm for Idaho Senate
  • Independent District 23 Senatorial Candidate Bill Chisholm: While he won't be on the May 15th Primary ballot he has some good ideas and appears to “think outside of the box”. If Tim Corder doesn't win the Primary, Bill Chisholm will likely get my vote in November. He might even get my vote if Corder is on the November ballot.

Bundy for Representative in Idaho
  • Matthew Bundy is a Republican running for District 23 State Representative: He is a well spoken individual with some fresh new thinking and I think he needs to be considered as a strong and viable candidate. I also feel his opponents Millington and Nielsen are scared of this newcomer?

Bud Corbus for Elmore Conty Commissioner
  • Bud Corbus running for County Commissioner: A local businessman, entrepreneur, soft-spoken and common sense type of guy. He's the man for the job.

Who Bombed the Mountain Home Idaho Political Forum

Who Bombed the Forum
  • The 2nd Amendment Candidates: I believe Senator Brackett, Representative Nielsen and “County Commissioner hopeful Ireland” made the Second Amendment to the US Constitution an issue for this election. I'm trying to figure out where the 2nd Amendment comes into play for these elected officials? If these candidates would be honest with us they'd come right out and tell us they're using (pimping) the 2nd Amendment just to get your vote. Didn't work for lost my vote just for bringing the issue into play.

  • Senator Brackett Bombed: This guy isn't well spoken by any stretch of the imagination. But that's not a reason to discount him. His stand on the issues and his insinuation that opponent Sen Corder isn't “a conservative enough Republican” was more than enough to push him into the unelectable category. It's the “issues” that should and will get you votes. Seems Brackett's only issue was pimping the “military” with a military home owners tax exemption?

  • Representative Hopeful Pam Chiarella Sorta Bombed: Speaking style and incoherent message was a huge distraction for me. As the lone Democrat in this race...Pam could walk down the center of Mountain Home with six-guns hanging from her hips, a cold dead sage grouse clutched in her fist and a bloody mutilated wolf hide thrown over her shoulder and she'll still lose the election in November.

  • Representative Nielsen Bombed Too: Pete is a throw-back candidate. I suspect he'd be more relevant if the year was 1806 or maybe the McCarthyism era of the 1950's. This well spoken candidate needs to pass on the torch to someone a little more modern and in touch with the 21st century. Hopefully Pete wasn't clutching a copy of the US Constitution in his hand during this entire forum but I think he was.

  • Commissioner Hofer Bombed Big: Being a bad public speakers in acceptable. Being extremely shy is acceptable. But I don't believe Al Hofer uttered more than 50 total words during this forum. I am a firm believer in “actions speak louder than words”, but stringing together 3 sentences to answer relevant questions should be a prerequisite for the job.

Caveat For Bondyweb Thought Process
The US Constitution is a wonderful document. It is a great “source document” for making laws and the running our country. But make no mistake, if it's a document you must carry around with you and show off, then I'd have to say there is a problem. And if you must constantly affirm your faith in the 2nd Amendment, then maybe politics shouldn't be your career choice and you should consider a career in the firearms business. In other words, stop pimping our Constitution. It's not a political document so stop using it as such.



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Part 2 The Sneaky “Al-Qaeda”ifcation of the GOP

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See Part 1 of this series of posts on fringe thinking on the Republican side of the house at this link:
The Sneaky “Al-Qaeda”ifcation of the GOP Part 1

Extremism of the Republican Party

It is my contention the hard/far right or Tea Party, if you will, is crushing any possibility this nation can get back on a normal path. One can be a conservative without stepping outside the lines into the land of the absurd.

And yes, by calling the hard/far right out on this subject, I have been called a Joseph Goebbels ( , and told to go back to Russia where I belong by anonymous commenter's to this website. I certainly find it interesting the hard right can accuse someone of being a Nazi and a Communist at the same time. Kind of show a certain level of ignorance...or is it the old “I cannot think for myself” so I throw a bunch of insults at the wall hoping one will stick.

Examples of what I call the Al-Qaedaifcation of the GOP follow:

Hard Right is wasting our taax dollars

1. I'll Gladly Waste “Our” Time and Your Money to Prove a Point: “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he is so confident that Democrats will not support President Obama's budget, he plans to introduce the bill himself.”

- As a career politician, I'm guessing Mitch McConnell can blatantly waste his “leadership” time and my tax dollars just to prove a point. How about working for “we, the people” instead of playing political games. I want a common sense budget signed into law. And if that's too hard to do, then step down and let another group of 3rd grade school children have a crack at it. Fringe thinking?

Buckshot61 of Mountain Home Idaho compares Obama to Hitler

2. Did someone's antipsychotic drug prescription run out recently?: “Like Hitler, Obama advocates using murder as a means of population control.”
-- Posted by Buckshot61 on Sat, Feb 11, 2012, at 12:20 PM (

- Not really sure what to say. You'll have to decide if this is fringe thinking.

Bradbury from Mountain Home Idaho thinks we're close to gasing people

3. From the “I'm not going to say it, but I really believe it” mindset: “Am I saying that Obama is another Hitler?........NO I AM NOT.....but EVERY INGREDIENT IS IN PLACE RIGHT NOW........just waiting for the "right chef" to slip it into the oven (as the Jews eventually discovered).”
– Written by Mike Bradbury in the main body of his blog post titled “Get Mad………I Don’t Care Anymore” (

- Taken either in context or out of context, the splintering of the Republican Party is clearly happening. You decide if that statement reflects your beliefs of what is happening in the USA.

Hard right fights to restrict voting in Mountain Home Idaho

4. From the “You can't vote because you think differently than me” Department.

The Crowd Pleasing Chant I:
I have NEVER believed that college kids should be ALLOWED to vote until they've been out HERE awhile, out of the classrooms long enough to start thinking for themselves.
-- Posted by bazookaman on Mon, Feb 13, 2012, at 8:53 AM

The Crowd Pleasing Chant II:
there should be a NATIONAL REQUIREMENT.....that for something as vital as a national election.......every voter SHOULD have to pass a urinalysis before being allowed to even ENTER a voting station.
-- Posted by bazookaman on Mon, Feb 20, 2012, at 7:27 AM (

The Crowd Pleasing Chant III:
There should be an IQ test before anyone is allowed to vote.
-- Posted by OpinionMissy on Mon, Feb 27, 2012, at 4:35 PM (

- Aaah, the trashing of the right to vote. My Republican Party wouldn't agree, but theirs advocate this fringe policy.


5. The “I'm Moving to a Better Place” Threat: If Obama and the socialist/democrats get 4 more years, I might just move to Mexico or some other place. Because you can kiss this country goodbye.
-- Posted by Buckshot61 on Wed, Feb 15, 2012, at 8:49 PM (

- If you really think the grass is greener, by all means head off to Mexico or some other place. Be sure to write to tell us how that's working out for you Buckshot.

Bigotry is thriving in Mountain Home

6. I'm not a racist...: "I can't stand [the man]. It is not because he is black...[it's because?] He is a Muslim at heart, not an American."
-- Posted by OpinionMissy on Sat, Feb 25, 2012, at 11:19 AM

- That “ironic” comment was written on a blog post about racism where almost every commenter proclaimed their non-racist attributes. Think about it, OpinionMissy doesn't judge a person on his race, just his religion and nationality. I don't really find this a fringe statement at all. It's a rare person who will admit proudly and publicly they are a bigot. Nothing in our laws state you cannot be a bigot.

Am I a Republican or a Democrat?
Yes! No! Ummm, I guess it depends on your definition of party affiliations. Obviously I find the extremism of the “hard right” dangerous. So, if this extremism is now the new Republican Party, I cannot claim to be a Republican. But if the more sensible philosophies of the Republican Party prevail, then I can proudly claim the GOP as “my party”.

The old statement with a new twist applies here. “I did not abandon the Republican Party, the Al-Qaedaification of the “Party” lead me elsewhere.” If sensible Republicans have to tow the “hard right” party lines seen in the above example, more and more “party faithfuls” will be looking elsewhere.

Vote Ron Paul
Vote Ron Paul in the March 6th, 2012 Idaho Presidential Caucus. While his platform has its fair share of insanity, it doesn't come close to the extremism of the “hard right”.



Comments will only be accepted from people who use their real name.

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The Sneaky “Al-Qaeda”ifcation of the GOP Part 1

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To me, it appears as if certain extreme factions within the Republican Party would like to implement their fringe policies and philosophies in the US. In my opinion, these fringe thinkers are only slightly less dangerous to the future of the USA than the philosophy of the terrorist group known as Al-Qaeda.

Why? Al-Qaeda is open and honest in what they want to do to the USA. Whereas the fringe thinkers in the Republican Party wrap their philosophies in a warm and fuzzy yet quite sneaky package of pro-business, pro-US Constitution, and anti-socialist or anti-communist sentiments. But they are splintering the Republican Party.

One of the results of this splintering is the Republican Party no longer can give us an electable Presidential candidate. The moderate Republican is being bombarded with fringe and even extremist ideas and policies not unlike Al-Qaeda.

4 Example of the Al-Qaedaifcation of the GOP
I use quotes exclusively from the Mountain Home News Blogs as my sole source of examples for the Al-Qaedaifcation of the GOP issues. And as this is my blog, I will cherry pick all I want. So here goes.

Republicans want the fox to guard the US Environment

1. Environmental Protection in the US: “There's this notion by some that tend to think government should be the entity to protect the environment. This expectation comes from a misguided belief that ONLY the government can manage collective goods like clean air, water, fisheries, etc. It is my profound belief that placing government in charge of such things brings politics into the mix in an area that doesn't need to be made political.” (Posted by Buckshot61 on Fri, Feb 3, 2012, at 7:28 AM)

  • I'm guessing here but it certainly sounds like he is saying “take that pesky idea of democracy, throw it out the window and let industry sort it out? Sure, and I want the fox to guard my hen house. Fringe thinking or not? The decision is all yours.

Extreme Republican think the US Consistution is communism

2. Eminent Domain: “Eminent [Eminant] domain is communistic, and always HAS been.” (Posted by bazookaman on Wed, Feb 1, 2012, at 8:38 AM) -

  • Bazookaman, the author of that statement seems to live and die by the US Constitution...unless maybe it doesn't fit his thinking? Just reading the last line of Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution would seem to imply the US is a communist nation? Fringe thinking? You decide.

Extreme Republicans want to go back to polluting to compete globally

3. The EPA and Pollution Regulations: “The rest of the world can put crap in the sky....where the winds blow it right OVER US.....but WE keep hand-cuffing ourselves don't we?” (Posted by bazookaman on Thu, Feb 2, 2012, at 12:58 PM)

  • What does that statement imply? We should crap in our own bed and our neighbor's bed because they are doing it to us? And the “rest of the world” portion of the statement seems a little “dramatical”. But I'll let you decide if this is a fringe statement or not.

Extreme Republicans think Obama is the devil

4. The Manchurian Candidate?: “I am absolutely convinced this man [President Obama] is now purposely weakening our nation. It's either that or he's the dumbest president in recent history. And since all you supporters of him claim he's so must be the former.” (Posted by Buckshot61 on Tue, Jan 31, 2012, at 7:54 PM)

  • Really, “absolutely convinced”? But again, I give you the quote and leave it up to you to determine if Buckshot61 had joined the “Al-Qaedaifcation of the GOP club.

My Philosophy and Thoughts
I am a fiscal conservative but have a more moderate view than some folks. I believe in electing people who can solve problems, not create them. The nuclear option (political speaking) and a total obstructionist policy are best left to characters in video games.

Extreme Republicans are using bad tactics

I am well aware that some friends and even a family member or two may disown me for my heretical philosophy of the moderate conservative. And dare I say, some others may label me a lefty, communist and/or pinko queer.

Part 1 of How Many
This is Part 1 of a series of what could become many posts on the Al-Qaedaifcation of the GOP. But then again, this could be the one and only article. I'm not sure if I want to waste my time and energy on exposing what I feel has become the radical splintering of the Republican Party. While this is a serious issue to me, there are too many conservatives in this country that eat up this fringe philosophy.

Comment or Not
Leave comments but keep it on subject. Your views are wanted but leave your real name or I'll just label you an anonymous coward and delete your yellow bellied comments. Want to write a full on rebuttal? I'll be glad to post your article right here on the Bondyweb and give you full credit as the author. I'll bet no one will step up to the plate. Will you be the one to prove me wrong?


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Election Results - Bondy Gets Thrashed at the Polls

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(November 8th, 20011) At approximately 11:00 PM, the preliminary election results were posted on Facebook by Councilman Urquidi. The winners for the 2 open Mountain Home City Council seats are Jimmy Schipani and Russ Anderson. Congratulations to both you guys.

Mountain Home Voters Spoke - The Unofficial Count
Schipani            621
Anderson          601
Sykes               557
Bondy              163

Thanks to the 8.39%
I want to thank each and every person who took the time to educate themselves on how I stood on the issues and voted for me. Getting thoroughly defeated is a humbling experience but I campaigned the way I think every candidate should. Full disclosure, a published platform accompanied by ideas and explanations is how it should be done. I'm proud of what I accomplished even if I gained the trust of only 162 voters.

My Future Plans
The whole campaigning process was a one of the best learning experiences I've ever had. With that said, the chances of me running for any political office in the future are pretty close to zero. Not that I have lost my zeal for local politics...I'll still be watching what our local government is doing.

Please leave a comment. Tell us why you voted for the candidate you did. Or even better still, tell us why you did not vote for me.


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