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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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Meet YOUR Candidate Night in Mountain Home Idaho

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Meet Your Candidate Night in Mountain Home Idaho

When: Monday October 25th, 2010 from 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Mountain Home Senior Center
1000 North 3rd East
Mountain Home, ID

What You'll Experience:
Each candidate will be given one minute to introduce themselves to the public. The seniors will then read written questions by the audience, limiting each candidate response time of two minutes. Each candidate will be given one minute in closing for final comments.

Why You Might Want to Attend the Meet YOUR Candidate Night at the Senior Center
  • Obviously to meet some/all of the candidates you might/might not support for the Tuesday November 2nd, 2010 General Election.
  • To Find out if the "the candidates" really respect the voters of Mountain Home and Elmore County. If they show, at least we'll know they care enough to show their faces.
  • So you can put a face to a name on the ballot.
  • To "learn, baby, learn".

This is what I am looking for from any candidate that shows up
  • Quick, honest answers but not canned answers we have heard or read on websites, brochures and TV.
  • Tell me why you think you are qualified for the job.
  • Respectful behavior! Meeting a candidate should be about "the candidate" and not about degrading, debasing or putting down "the other guy".
  • Shake my hand (if possible), look me in the eye and ask me to vote for you.

Get the word out to everyone you know!

Thanks for visiting my website and hopefully you will leave a comment!

Tim Bondy

The Bondyweb.Com author

Last Updated on Monday, 18 October 2010 20:58

In Mtn Home Not Only Do Pigs Fly

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In Mountain Home Idaho, not only do pigs fly but they also lay eggs?

Pigs Eggs for sale in Mountain Home Idaho

Taken on May 10th, 2011 off Airbase Road.  And does this also suggest they have more than one pig that lays eggs?

Comments anyone?


Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 06:25

Scenic Silver City Area ATV Ride

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Scences from an ATV Ride through the Silver City Idaho Area

The days are getting shorter and cooler so we decided to explore the roads around Silver City, Idaho on our ATV. Of course we would be keeping one eye on the scenery and one eye on the road cuts for cool rocks. It was and crystal clear day with warm temperatures and not much wind.

The Video: 6 Minutes Through the Silver City Mountains of Idaho

6 minute video....

Getting There from Mountain Home
Head south out of Mountain Home on Airbase Road. Go southwest on Highway 67 towards the town of Grand View. Head west at the intersection of Highway 67 and 78. Once on Highway 78 you travel about 26 miles were you turn left or south on the paved Silver City Road. This road is paved for about 7.4 miles when it turns into a good gravel road. We parked our truck were Silver City Road intersect the North Fork of Sinker Creek giving you about 4 miles of gravel road driving.

Heading up to New York Summit and Over
We unloaded the ATV (Coordinates: 43.065333, -116.634173) and headed west on Silver City Road. This gravel road heads steadily up to the New York Summit at about 6,700 feet or about 2,900 foot elevation gain in 7 miles. This road, while bumpy can easily be made by a normal passenger vehicle.

From Silver City Idaho Atv trip in Sept 2011

The road follows the now mostly dry Scotch Bob Creek for the 1st 4 miles of this ride. The vegetation gradually changes from the typical mountainous desert landscape to mountain pines on this 3,000 foot climb. And the Snake River Plains views dramatically open up to the northeast-southeast as you near the summit. Not a thing you'll want to miss and maybe a good reason to head up to this area.

The road from the summit down to the outskirts of Silver City has some fine views of Florida Mountain and into the Jordan Creek Valley. This portion of the road is a little steeper and much rougher but still passenger car capable into the town of Silver City.

From Silver City Idaho Atv trip in Sept 2011

Following Jordan Creek to the West
We chose not to head south into the town but instead headed west-north-west along the road that follows Jordan Creek. This road is quite a bit narrower and rough and I'd say a 4-wheel drive would be better along this section but still passable in a normal car.

There are wonderful places to pull well off this gravel road down to nice flat camping areas along the creek. We rode down into one area that I suspect you couldn't negotiate in anything other than a 4-wheel drive or ATV. And it was here that we had our picnic lunch and enjoyed walking along the creek.

Trout in Jordan Creek in Idaho's Silver City Mountains

Almost every place we stopped along the creek we saw fish in the larger pools. Most places the creek is only about 5-15 feet wide and rarely deeper than 3-4 feet. This is cattle country so expect to see cow patties along the road and right down to the creek bed.

We only traveled 4.2 miles along the Jordan Creek Road before turning around. But it seemed like we went much further. The first 2 miles were typical sagebrush, many pines and big areas of rocks. There's lots of quartz in them, there rocks along this section. Might be well worth rock hounding that section.

From Silver City Idaho Atv trip in Sept 2011

But after about 2-2.5 miles the geography/geology changes rapidly to a “lava” and high desert surroundings. Much like riding around the area north of Mountain Home. As the valley widens out some in this section, there were lots of campers (hunters) taking advantage of some of the nicer spots along the creek.

Rock Hounding This Trip
We didn't find much of interest but the 2-3 miles section west of Silver City appears to be prime time for some good rock hounding. According to my information most of the land along both sides of Jordan Creek are public lands out to 43.039067, -116.763906. I don't believe I saw any mining claim signs or posts. That may or may not be a telling indicator of what's out there.

From Silver City Idaho Atv trip in Sept 2011

We had a Good Time
This trip was quite nice, it was relaxing and relatively uncrowded. If you'd like more info about this trip or have questions, let us know by making a comment.

Bondy signature from Silver City

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 September 2011 21:55

The Mountain Home Senior Center Political Forum Review

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Crowds at the Mountain Home Senior Center Political Forum in Idaho

See my review from the Elks Lodge/Chamber of Commerce May 1st, 2012 political forum to gain some perspective into this review at:

On Monday May 7th, 2012 there was a political forum held in the Mountain Home Senior Center. From my count 14 candidates and about 55-75 citizens attended the event. It was definitely worth the effort to attend even if it just reaffirmed what I learned at the earlier forum.

The Annoying Political Mantra
- “I'll cut your taxes” was heard a few times last night. And I certainly appreciate the pandering but stop telling me you will cut my taxes unless you can tell me what you want to cut out of the State budget first. I want specifics!

Idaho Sage Grouse political issue

- The Sage Grouse: Why the heck is the Sage Grouse a big issue for our State politicians in 2012? The sage grouse warning shots were fired across the bow back in 2004. The time to act was 7-8 years ago. What have you done in the last 8 years to mitigate the sage grouse problem? Now that's what a true problem solver would tell us.

The Questions Were Asked
Questions at this political forum were quite a bit less pertinent than at the Elks Lodge forum on 1 May 2012. The main reason I can say this is because of the obvious anti-Brackett questions that dominated the last 40 minutes of the forum. Also I thought there were a few questions that would have been more suitable for US Senators/Congressmen.


The Big Winners When Considering both Political Forums
  1. Tim Corder is the best candidate the Republican can put up for the 2012 District 23 Senatorial election. He appears to be very knowledgeable about all the issues, intelligent and most importantly willing/able to solve Idaho's problems. This should be a slam dunk choice for the people of District 23.
  2. Independent District 23 Senatorial Candidate Bill Chisholm: Not in the May 15th Primary but he's an idea man that left to run things would make Idaho a much better place. If all our politician and businesspeople used their brains like Bill, we wouldn't be in the hole we are. It'll be a tough decision if the November ballot has both Corder and Chisholm on it.
  3. Matthew Bundy is a Republican running for District 23 State Representative: The only advice I have for Mr. Bundy is “don't be a one issue candidate” when campaigning down the back stretch. Education is important but so is the economy and solving other problems. He's still “the man” when it comes to the May 15th Republican Primary. While Pete Nielsen and Steve Millington are still throwing tea into the harbor, Mr. Bundy will be solving the problems all people in Idaho are facing.
  4. Bud Corbus running for County Commissioner: I think this man cemented his spot at the top of the Elmore County Commissioners list for me at this 2nd forum. Previously I said Bud was a soft spoken individual but I believe there is “hell-raising” side to this guy that will be good for Elmore County.

Tim Bondy's Parting Shots
- Twin Falls native Senator Brackett was in “enemy territory” during both of these forums and the questions last night reflected that fact. In my opinion, Senator Brackett did more harm than good to his campaign. But he was the only candidate offering an ink pen for political swag at this forum.
- It was disappointing only 55-75 citizens showed up at the Senior Center Forum. While this is “just the primary election”, the people still need to get educated on the candidates. If you are a “declared Republican” you can't just vote for the guy with the “Big R” after his name. They all have R's after their name during this one.
- Buckshot61: You are a lying, extremist jerk and an absolute coward. How's that for hilarious facts?

Got something to add to the conversation? You can comment all you wish but stay on topic please.



Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 May 2012 08:20

ATV Trip on NFS Trail 612 - Wilson Flats Video

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(June 16th, 2012) A beautiful weather forecast and a hankering to get out of town led to this ATV trip. Google Earth showed me the “virtual way” to a little visited place only about 20 air miles from Mountain Home, Idaho. It was up to me to research the legality of getting there on my Arctic Cat ATV. All the info I found said heading up National Forest Service Trail #612 near Wilson Flats / Granite Mountain would be okay...

Wilson Flat and NFS Trail 612 ATV Trip

The ATV Trip
  • Parking on the north side of Anderson Ranch Reservoir, I unloaded the machine and headed up to Wilson Flat on NFS Trail #606. Addie the Plott Hound was loaded in the dog cage on the back of the ATV that she is truly getting quite used to riding on now. Even though I've been up this steep and slippery road with a shear cliff on a number of occasions, it still gets the blood moving just looking down 500 feet into the valley below.
From ATV Ride to Trail 612 near Wilson Flat in Idaho

  • Once up on “the flat” the road gets easier to negotiate but is still rougher than a cobb in places. We continued west on NFS Trail 606 towards our destination. I had to stop along Elk Creek to let the dog get a drink and explore the area for awhile. After all, “it's about the journey and not the destination”, right? With Addie filled up on water, we continued heading west towards Granite Mountain.

  • Hanging a right onto NFS Trail 611 led to a rougher and less traveled section of this area. I doubt my speed ever topped 10mph and most times it was in the 5 mph range. Not because of the roughness but the beauty and exploration value made slow speeds seem more logical and enjoyable. We came upon a downed tree across the trail at one point and not wanting to cut the trip short, I used my considerable weight to move the thing off the trail.
From ATV Ride to Trail 612 near Wilson Flat in Idaho

  • At the intersection of NFS Trails 611 & 612 we continued on 611 until it deadended. NFS 611 ends in a deeply forested spot and was quite cool and dark. Seems like a great place to camp sometime. It might also be a good spot to try for a hike to the summit of the 6,800 foot tall Granite Mountain? Who knows, maybe someday?????
Video of Ride on NFS Trail 612

  • With Addie leading the way, we headed back down NFS Trail 611 and made a left on NFS 612 and our planned destination. NFS Trail 612 is quite rough as it crosses a streambed a few times making an early season trip up this road unadvisable. But on this day, there wasn't any water at all to be found along the trail.

  • This trail deadends in a semi-open area that provides some grand views out towards Little Camas Reservoir and up towards the side flanks of Granite Mountain. We had lunch at this spot and headed back via a new route. Below you can see our whole GPS Track.
Interactive Map of Entire ATV Ride

View Larger Map

I hoped you enjoyed this article and it will encourage you to get out to explore Idaho either on foot, horseback or on an ATV/motorcycle. You certainly won't regret the experience.


Last Updated on Monday, 25 June 2012 20:25

Review of Fatty'z Pizza in Mtn Home Idaho

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(June 27, 2012) A new pizza restaurant recently opened up on Main Street in Mountain Home, Idaho. But how much press did this place get? Is the food good? Should you head out there now? Well...see what I have to say about Fatty'z New York Style Pizza.

Fatty'z Pizza Restaurant in Mountain Home Idaho

First of all, the only reason I knew this place existed was a comment I read on a local website. But when I drove downtown I spotted “art deco” painted window logo of Fatty'z quite easily. When I saw that, I knew I had to try this place.

Where is Fatty'z Pizza?
So on Wednesday June 27th, 2012 my wife gave them a call and ordered some “take out” food. I was kind of excited to see what Fattyz looked like inside, so off I went. Fatty'z is located in the old “AK's Hookah Bar” location or more specifically 230 North Main Street.

Inside Fattyz
The owners did a good job making the place look inviting with photos of downtown NYC on the walls. Nothing to get excited about but really who cares what the place looks like as long as it's clean and it appeared to be. The most unpleasant part of my journey into Fattyz was the fact I had to pay for my food :-) If you want to eat in the restaurant there are a fair number of tables. There are also a few video games to keep you busy.

20 inch pepperoni pizza from Fattyz Pizza in Mtn Home

The Food
I brought home their 20 inch Pepperoni Pizza and an order of Garlic Cheese Bread. In short, the pizza was quite good. Being “New York Style”, the crust is very thin but not like a cracker. The garlic cheese bread was just as good. I give Fatty'z a 4 out of 5 stars and if the food is just as good as this time then I'l give them a 5 of 5 stars.

The Website
Fatty'z has a website at Just having a website tells me these guys are serious and are in it for the long haul. Good on you guys and I certainly hope you continue to do brisk business.



Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 June 2012 20:54

Dismal Swamp ATV Trip - Smoky Quartz Pigs?

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(July 24, 2012)  Why would anyone want to head to a place called “Dismal Swamp” when there are  100's of places in the Boise National Forest with much nicer names?  The possibility of finding smoky quartz crystals is about the only reason...or is it?  

Dismal Swamp Idaho

No Real Plan
With my wife Toni staying very busy developing her “Cripple Frog Web Design” business, she hasn't had much time for some good old fashioned Idaho exploration.  Sometimes you just have to make the time so I gave her the day, time and Toni was tasked with giving me the destination for this adventure.  She was torn between a rock hounding trip near Atlanta and a trip to Dismal Swamp.  As we were enjoying the scenery passing by in Featherville, Toni was muttered “Dismal” and I knew had my orders.

From Discover Elmore County Idaho Daily

Through Rocky Bar and Up Trinity Mountain Road
We parked about 3 miles northwest of Rocky Bar and unloaded the Arctic Cat ATV around 12:15 PM.  With temperatures just starting to warm into the upper 70's we headed up towards Trinity Ridge Road.  This route is about as scenic as any place in the US especially when the view opens up to the south.  We stopped for a while to take in the sweeping views and to enjoy the many wildflowers before continuing west towards the Dismal Swamp Road.  

NFS Road 290 into Dismal Swamp
We've always had some luck finding quartz crystal on the road down into Dismal Swamp on NFSR 290.  Toni spent a long time slowly searching the roadbed while Addie the Plott Hound and I explored  the woods and did some bouldering.   

From Discover Elmore County Idaho Daily

As rock hounds go, we're more of the “low hanging fruit” hounders. By that I mean we don't really get into digging more that 1 inch or so into the dirt.  And most times, we don't even dig at all.  For our efforts on this day we found about 10 crystals, mostly of the smoky quartz variety but found a “triad clear” that is quite stunning.  And all this long before we bottomed out in the Dismal Swamp valley.  

The Swamp Monsters
Normally we stay well away from the mostly claimed Dismal Swamp area.  But because it was Tuesday and we hadn't seen a single person since we jumped on the ATV, we though a little claim jumping might go unnoticed.  Not really!  We heard rumors the Dismal Crystal Claim wasn't renewed for 2012 so we were going to join the other swamp monsters in digging in the creek.  It appears someone has an active claim down there and they ask other rock hounds to “repect their claim”.

From Discover Elmore County Idaho Daily

Respect the Ugly?
So, a certain someone has a quartz crystal claim in the Dismal Swamp area.  And this certain person asks the rock hounds to “respect” the claim?  While it is kind of annoying one of the finest quartz crystal areas is locked up by a mining claim, I can and do respect that law.  However, when that claimant asks that I give him “respect”, I expect something in return.  I fully expect that fucking pig  will respects my public lands, fill in the holes dug in the creek-bed and above all, pick up the trash heap located 10 feet from his “Claimed” sign.

From Discover Elmore County Idaho Daily

And for all the other folks that have turned the Dismal Swamp area into one big dug up mess and trash heap?  Shame on you!  And as far as I know, all the land in the Dismal Swamp is “public” and the claimers are just “legal squatters that are allowed to take valuable things from the land”.

Link to More Pictures:

Thanks for reading and leave a comment if you wish.

This blog post is dedicated to the people in Fairfield, Idaho who seem to understand things better than other folks further southwest.


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