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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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Trip Report – Owyhee's Poison Creek Cutoff Road

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The weather forecast for Sunday April 20th, 2008 wasn't exactly encouraging for exploring Vinson Wash off of Poison Creek Cutoff along what I'm calling the Front Range of Owyhee Mountains. But we decided to give it a try any way. The winds were rather brisk...gusting in the 25-35 mph range in places. We ran into a quick snow shower on the way south but nothing that would stop us from exploring the Idaho high desert.

Windy day with April snow showers in Idaho


Getting There
We headed south on Mud Flat Road and then took a right on Poison Creek Cutoff road which is a gravel road. Our destination was Vinson Wash and access was supposed to be on an unnamed dirt road I found on a BLM Map. Using our trusty GPS unit, we found the unnamed road but it didn't look like a place I should be traveling in a truck that isn't 4-Wheel Drive. So we continued heading west and a little north on Poison Creek Cutoff a little longer. With little knowledge of exactly where Vinson was located we found a promising shallow wash, parked the truck and started exploring. The best part of exploring in Idaho isn't knowing where you are but the exploration itself. I later determined we were likely in Vinson Wash.

What We Found
As we walked up the wash, we found some pretty cool rocks, great views and some wild flowers. We also discovered that dog is very impatient when it comes to stopping and kicking around in the dirt. She just wants to go, go and go some more. See a photo album from this trip below.



Click on the Photo above to see a slideshow of pictures from this trip.

Other Things We Saw
Some of the farmers along Mud Flat Road were watering their fields and we noticed small patches of ice mainly around the active sprinkler valves. With my truck thermometer registering temperatures in the low-mid 40's F, I thought it was unusual to see these patches of ice on the fields. Then it dawned on me that the ice was likely caused by the evaporative cooling process. In other words the atmosphere was so dry that the cooling effects from the farmers watering and low dew point temperatures below freezing, cooled the air down to below freezing. Magically ice forms when the free air temperature is well above freezing! Cool theory huh?

Ice forms from evaporative cooling near Mountain Home Idaho
Picture is not from this trip!!!!!

See maps from where the above photo album were taken on 20 April 2008 by:
Click the "Read more..." link below.

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An Idaho Day Too Beautiful to Take Bad Pictures

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Bennett Hills - Anderson Dam Rd

Click the picture to see more pictures

North Of Mountain Home, Idaho

Sunday April 13th, 2008 was a beautiful day in southern Idaho. The sun was shining, the skies a deep blue and the winds were relatively light. Temperatures topped out in the upper 70's or least that is what my thermometer said.

We decided to take a quick trip into the mountains north of Mountain Home. Within 40 minutes we were stopped at a turn out on Tollgate Road off Highway 20. A quick walk up a small hillside provided us with a great view of Mountain Home from above. There were small patches of snow in the more protected places in this area.

We spent about 30 minutes on the hill looking at rock, plants and the great view. We then hopped back into the truck and made out way west on Tollgate Road / Immigrant Road. The mountains and views remained pretty much constant the entire way. Once we hit the bottom of the hill on this road we turned around and headed back to Highway 20. We had to contend with a few curious cows but that is to be expected I guess. Not a problem for me.

Then we headed for the Anderson Dam Road off Highway 20. Being too new to the area, this was going to be our first trip down this road. As anyone in Mountain Home can tell you, the mountains are still holding on to their snow pack. The vista's were awesome driving on Highway 20 and on the Anderson Dam Road. We didn't feel like going much further and spotted a place to park along side the road. There was obviously a canyon of some type just a short walk through about 6 inches of snow. We got some mighty cool picture along this canyon.

Idaho is a wonderful place to explore. Check on back here for more pictures and see what the Bondy's in Southern Idaho are up to. It's our “life just off Interstate 84 in Idaho”.

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Mission Style Church – Oreana, Idaho

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On Saturday April 5th, 2008 we were on a mission. To find a place to look for rocks. Both Toni and I have a budding interest in rockhounding and thought the Owyhee Mountains would be a good place to start our search. While driving along Highway 78 to the south and west of Mountain Home, we found the Oreana Loop Road.

The new rock hounds find unexpected type of rocks
This is the rock wall we found.

The Rocks We Found
The rock we found were not exactly what we originally expected. Instead we found an old Mission Style church in Oreana, Idaho made from the local rocks in the area. We were amazed by the architecture of this wonderful building. The old mission style church is now “Our Lady Queen of Heaven” Catholic Church.



Click image for a larger picture

History of These Rocks
As it turns out the building that now houses Our Lady Queen of Heaven Mission Church was built as a general store in the 1880’s and was converted to its present use as a church in 1961. There is a bell tower on the church that I understand is from a church that was in the town of Silver City, Idaho. Of course, Silver City is now known as one of the best preserved “ghost towns” in the US.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 November 2009 11:47

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