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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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Trinity Mountain Trip Report

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On Sunday June 22, 2008 we decided to take a road trip into the mountain northwest of Featherville, Idaho. Once we fueled up the big ole Pickup Truck at Walmart in Mountain Home it was already close to 1:00PM. We knew we wanted to head to a place called Dismal Swamp. Armed with only a GPS unit and about 3 gallons of drinking water and soda, the dog, the wife and I headed up Highway 20.

Trinity Mountain of Idaho

Mountain Home to Anderson Ranch Reservoir
The drive from Mountain Home to the Anderson Ranch Reservoir was surprising green because of the cool and wet Spring we had this year. Quite a beautiful drive! The Reservoir was also surprisingly full today considering when we drove through this area on May 31st the lake was about 20-30 feet from being full. Today, I'm guessing the the lake was almost at full capacity.

Pine and Featherville
Both Pine and Featherville were looking a little touristy with lots of campers on the road and in the towns. We took Rocky Bar (gravel road) Road north out of Featherville and our first stop was the old town of Rock Bar. I've heard different stories but most people refer to Rocky Bar as a Ghost Town. I'll leave it up to you but I will say there are a few very old and deserted buildings in this location.

Heading into the Trinity Mountains
We headed further into the mountains on Trinity Mountain Road. I'm not sure but it seems like once you leave Rocky Bar the road changes name to Trinity Mountain Road. In any case, it wasn't too difficult to figure out what road to take. Just take the best looking road and you'll be fine. Once you drive through a series of tight switchback and gain elevation, the mountains become even more beautiful. We stopped at a couple places to take pictures and see the sights.

Up Top – The Trinity's All Around
By the time we topped out at about 7,000 feet in elevation on Trinity Mountain Road, the temperature had dropped from 85F in Mountain Home when we left down to 72F up in this mountain paradise. I will say that there is no way to take pictures up in these mountains that can do justice to the view we saw up there. You'll just have to go up there and see for yourself.

Dismal Directions
We never made it to Dismal Swamp today. The coordinates I put into the GPS unit must have been a few or two miles off. In any case, we took a nice walk along a dirt road and enjoy the cool mountain day. The sun was shining brightly and the wind was just right. Now that we know the road is passable and not too far from home, we are sure to get back up into this area again.

Mountain Biking??????
I'd kind of like to take my mountain bike up to Rocky Bar and head up/down any road in this area someday. If anyone has every mountain biked these road, please let me know what you thought or pass on any hints?????

The Road Conditions:
Mountain Home to Featherville: Paved and nice.
Featherville to Rocky Bar: Gravel/Dirt road but easily passable in just a passenger car. Go slow and watch for large rocks and ruts though.
Rocky Bar and beyond: Gravel/Dirt road that deteriorates the further into the mountains you go. A person with a well maintained passenger car and some patients could make it most of the way. At one point there was a small tree (about 8-10 inches around) laying across the road. End of the road for those without a higher clearance vehicle.

Distance to Dismal Swamp (we must have been close):
Mountain Home: 75 miles
Boise: I'm guessing there is another way up there so I'll say about 110 miles.

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