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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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Superb – Whiskey Jack Creek Hike

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From Whiskey Jack Hike near Featherville Idaho

Looking for a short but picturesque day hike? How about some gold panning along 2 lush and verdant creek valleys? Time is running out but if you plan now, you can still experience one of the best day hikes I have taken in Southern Idaho. I'm calling this hike the “Whiskey Jack Hike”, but its official name is NFS Trail 172B.

Where is Whiskey Jack Creek
The trailhead for this hike is about 5.3 miles (as the crow flies) from Featherville and just off Trinity Mountain Road.

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- I parked at 43.638533°, -115.356897° next to the sign for Crosscut Trail #172.
- Walk up the often used NFS “ROAD” 172 through a switchback and then bear left or north at 43.639757°, -115.356328° or at the sign for NFS Trail 172B.
- After about 100 yards the trail forks either west or north. Take NFS Trail 172B to the north and your journey begins.

The Trail Heading Down to Whiskey Jack Creek
From Whiskey Jack Hike near Featherville Idaho

Heading Down to Whiskey Jack Creek
Once you head away from Trinity Mountain Road and get on to NFS Trail 172B you are at a ridgeline above Whiskey Jack Creek. You head steadily downwards on a nice hiking trail that also allows motorcycles. This portion of the trail is quite shady, lush with ferns, brushy and lots of downed tree in the intermittent creek valley. There was some water running in this stream but very little.

Crossing Whiskey Jack
Once you level out in the bottom of Whiskey Jack Creek valley, the hillsides are more open and bare. But along the creek there is a veritable fortress of brush and bramble protecting the streambed. The trail will lead you to an opening to cross Whiskey Jack but don't expect to stay dry.

Addie Didn't have any Problems Crossing Whiskey Jack Creek
From Whiskey Jack Hike near Featherville Idaho

I had to walk through the stream which was easy but I certainly didn't want to soak my boots at the ¼ way mark of the hike. On this mid-July 2011 hike, the stream was about 10-15 feet across and 12-18 inches deep in the middle.

Campo Creek to NFS Road 170L
The trail on the other side of the stream crossing heads downstream or east for a few hundred feet before heading north again. This is when the trail starts following Campo Creek. It's a moderate climb for the rest of the hike.

From Whiskey Jack Hike near Featherville Idaho

The scenery just got better and better the higher I climbed. It remained lush and green along the creek and a mixture of lodgepole pines, Douglas Firs bordered the trail. I suspect this area was logged at one time in the distant past as some portions of the hillsides were bare.

This portion of the trail has some obstacles to contend with but nothing a regular out of shape guy couldn't handle. These obstacles were some pretty large downed trees laying across the trail. I doubt any motorcycle could make it down the trail however.

Just some of the downed trees across the trail near Campo Creek
From Whiskey Jack Hike near Featherville Idaho

Campo Creek was a rather small stream on the day I was there. The parts I saw where less than 10 feet across with depths ranging from a few inches to maybe 1 foot deep. Again, dense brush and bramble shelter the streambed pretty well. I cannot imagine there will be any water in this stream by mid September or even earlier. You get to cross Campo Creek once, but you'll stay dry.

The End and Heading Back
This portion of NFS Trail 172B ends at NFS Road 170L which would allow you to extend this hike much further. I suspect 170L doesn't get much traffic so it might be worth it to continue heading north for a few miles on this road.

At the intersection of NFS Trail 172B and 170L
From Whiskey Jack Hike near Featherville Idaho

Heading back, you get some good views of what looked like the southern portion of the Trinity Mountains. There were also an abundance of wildflowers but most were a week or so past their prime. Still, quite beautiful.

Who Should Take “The Whiskey Jack Hike?
Let's face it, I'm getting older and 10-20 mile day hikes are not going to be on my agenda any time soon. So any person in reasonably good shape could easily make this hike. If you are slightly or more out of shape, you'd enjoy this hike and could turn around anytime you wish.

According to my GPS and Google Earth, I hiked 4.75 miles total with a 1,600 foot elevation gain/loss. I could have gone further along NFS Road 170L but there was no water to be seen for my dog and it was getting hot. Yeah, I worry about this dog but probably don't need to.

There was a fairly large population of deer/horse flies and mosquitoes to contend with but nothing out of the ordinary for an Idaho mountain hike.

This was a great hike and I will be looking forward to doing this hike next year.

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Hit me up with your question, concerns or anything to do with hiking, rock hounding or gold panning.


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