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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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Paradise Trail Near Featherville Idaho Hike

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Good hiking views from NFS Trail 620 near Featherville

With the Idaho summer now heating up (finally) I chose NFS Trail 620 for a hike and some rock hounding. This trail is also called the Paradise Trail and is located off the Grouse Creek Road between Pine and Featherville.

Strenuous Hike for the Views
The hike began by parking just off Grouse Creek Road across from the 620 Trailhead. My dog Addie and I checked out the nearby Grouse Creek before heading up into the mountains. Lets just say that IDS have frequented this section of the creek. There was a bucket, beer cans and an assortment of other trash sitting in the stream itself. Gross and inexcusable.

From Paradise Trail near Pine and Featherville

For the first 2.75 miles of this hike the trails is basically carved into the side of the mountain as it climbs steadily the entire way. Basically there is little or no opportunity for off-trail hiking as the terrain is way steep and the underbrush is quite thick. But the scenery and views are quite stunning.

As it was quite a warm June day, I was glad there is a lot of shade from the towering pine trees that dominate the vegetation along the trail. I was well aware there would be little or no running water for my dog to drink so I was hauling 64oz just for her on this hike. I'm glad I brought this much water as we both drank almost all of it by the end of the hike.

Once you gain enough elevation on NFS Trail 620, you get some outstanding views of the South Fork of the Boise River valley, the snow capped Steele Mountain complex and the Trinity Mountains. And I do mean OUTSTANDING. Photographs just cannot fully capture the views up there.

From Paradise Trail near Pine and Featherville

Rock Hounding Paradise Trail
Being in the Pine/Featherville area, I figured I might discover some cool or collectible rocks. Lets just say I can home with one sparkly and shiny rock that immediately ended up in the garden. In other words, it a barren place for the serious and non-serious rock hound.

From Paradise Trail near Pine and Featherville

General Info for Trail 620
  •   ATV's and motorcycles are allowed on this trail but I never saw one nor heard one on this day.
  •   During this 6.1 mile hike I gained/lost almost 3,300 feet in elevation with an average slope of 18%. Killer stats for a guy for me.
  •   There was very little water along the trail. One small seepage puddle that the dog took full advantage of both on the way up and back down again.
  •   The terrain on either side of the trail is very steep. One misstep 3-5 feet off the downhill side of the trail and you might not stop until you roll out onto Grouse Creek Road.
  •   Did I mention the views were outstanding? A good photographer might want to visit this area.
  •   Trailhead is located at 43.551303°, -115.266657° and I turned around at 43.543872°, -115.249489°.

Link to More Photos:

Comments Are Appreciated
Got some thoughts on this trail? Have suggestions for any other hikes in this area? Leave them for others to read so we can be better prepared for getting out into the great Idaho Outdoors.

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