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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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Closed Public BLM Land Near Mountain Home Idaho

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Terrible Maps - Motorized Traffic Closure Ordered by BLM from the Hot Tea Fire

Hot Tea Fire near Mountain Home Idaho

The end of August 2010 saw a 5,500 acre fire erupt north of Mountain Home Idaho. The Hot Tea Fire was fought by at least 5 air tankers and ground crews from a number of State and Federal agencies. The general area that burned is located about 10-15 miles northeast of Mountain Home Idaho on the south flanks of Bennett Mountain.

Your Prison Term and Fines...But?
On January 27th, 2011 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued a motorized vehicle closure notice in the burn area. This is a 2 years closure order, so starting in 2013, those of us who access the backcountry with ATV's have a long time to wait before getting into this area again. While I completely understand AND SUPPORT the decision of closing this area to motorized vehicle including ATV's and UTV's, our government needs to support "the people" too.

From the news release:
"Anyone violating the closure may be tried before a United States Magistrate and fined up to $1,000, imprisoned for up to 12 months, or both. Violators may also be subjected to additional fines."

Go to jail for not knowing about the BLM closure

$1,000 Fine and 12 Months in Jail Question – Where?
The BLM created and posted a map of the closure area on their website. This wonderfully colored map has all the lines and shading to wow the public. But the public doesn't need "shock and wow" maps. We need precise and accurate maps. If the government wants to throw me in jail and fine me for violating the closure order, then it should be up to that same government give me all the tools and information needed to comply with these regulation.

Information is What We Need
My complaint is out in the open. The solution is quite simple, cost effective and the best possible option for "the people", the government and the environment.

  1. Google Earth Overlay: Create a map overlay file (kmz/klm) that can be opened on the free program called Goggle Earth. "The People" just need to download this small file the BLM can easily create, double-click said file and the closure area is magically displayed in a scalable and zoom-able presentation.
  2. Free Topo Maps: Create the map on electronic USGS Topo Map. These types of topo maps are offered by our government for download and are completely free. The BLM should be required to overlay the "closure area" on these maps and offer them for download on their website.
  3. Signs: The BLM Closure Notice stated signs and fences will be placed in key access locations. This is great...But doesn't help me when I am deciding where I will be riding my ATV a week or a day prior to heading into the hills/mountains.

Clarity for BLM land closures in needed

The Short Story for Success
The BLM can provide "the people", the public, us dudes the tools and information we need to protect the environment and to comply with the law. The map currently available on the BLM website wasn't just magically created in PDF format. They used GIS software to create certain files and converted those files into what you see on their website. These same GIS software files will also convert quite easily into Google Earth files and USGS topo map overlays. Our government needs to promote, educate and more importantly, utilize this technology.

Help Wanted – Comments
I'd like to hear what you have to say about this article. Hate ATV's? Let me know how you feel. Want info on mapping and the FREE tools I use to plan hiking, ATV or rock hounding adventures? Leave a comment. Or just leave a comment so I know you exist.


Comments (6)
  • Anonymous  - Really?

    It is a road closure. The maps they provided show the roads that go through the area. No wonder you need a GPS all the time, you cannot tell black and a road?

    What happens if you are in the middle and your batteries go dead, are you lost?

    Must they cater to every special interest group? Get off your ass and walk and there are no issues. It is a vehicle closure not a complete closure!

  • Tim Bondy the Admin

    Mr or Mrs Anonymous? You have some issues but I'm glad you wrote without reading the entire post or even some of it. So lets try to explain what I'm saying.

    Batteries? GPS? What do these things have to do with giving the public real information? Does a compass help in planning? The BLM Closure map doesn't even have latitude and longitudes. They do have Township and Ranges so yes, I can do all the legwork and figure out roughly where these un-named/unmarked roads are located. And so can 1,000 other people...but why shouldn't the BLM do us a favor and provide this data?

    Get off my ass? Well, for the last 3 weekends I have been out hiking. But you probably didn't know that so I'll forgive your total ignorance and stupidity.

    Catering to every special interest? Yes, if you think providing the data they already have developed to make the PDF map. They don't have to spend more than 1 minute extra to provide electronic files that are useful. Cost of catering to the public in this case? 1-5 minutes and server space. So let be pessimistic and say the cost would be in the $5.00 range Total Cost.

    Mr or Mrs Anon? Let's hear a little more about your trips. Where do you go? Do you hike? Or are you just an armchair critic. Give me a clue as to your interest so maybe I can pass on some current technology and maybe I can learn to use your technology for finding these exact roads.

    I also wouldn't mind if you highlighted the closure area on a topo map that you can e-mail to me. And if you had bothered to read what I wrote, you would have discovered that I fully support the closure. But don't let statements like the cut and paste below stop you from being a jerk.

    "While I completely understand AND SUPPORT the decision of closing this area to motorized vehicle including ATV's and UTV's, our government needs to support "the people" too.

    Sorry this reply is a little rough but when I ask for comments, I should have said I want comments with at least some thought and consideration put in them. I didn't think that was necessary but dumbasses like you will always exist. So from now on I will put a few extra statements in my posts asking for comments from people who actually read the article.

  • Anonymous

    the get off your ass comment was not directed towards you, but the majority of idiots that don't and complain about such closures. fact that closure occurs is because of these people, yes they do cross country and ruin the terrain.

    if your truly into tech. then you would know that there exists free gis software out there and you can use inside idaho to acquire fire perimeters, township and range, roads, ownership, etc. and piece things together.

    yes i hike, nearly every weekend.

    i maybe be an idiot but at least i post and read.

  • Tim Bondy the Admin

    OK mr anon...thanks for replying. This will be the last time I respond to your crap. The only thing I need from you is the link for the shapefile for the Hot Tea Fire closure. I check the InsideIdaho website on occasion and haven't found it YET. So if you truly know this files exists, send the link. I will then convert the file to a KMZ/KML and post it on my website so others can use it. But of course, I wouldn't want the BLM to do this as I wouldn't want them to have to cater to "the people who pay their salaries". I know the 1 minute to convert and

  • omegablock

    We were up in this area last week. The land is starting its recovery. There are some signs leading into the closed area but agree that some easier to access maps would be nice.

  • CurtisR

    We got into the burn area 2 days ago. Signs were gone. If what you say is correct and the government can easily make files for GPS's then I don't see a problem spending some time doing this. It would make following rules easy. However if the cost is more than just time we can savethe money and live with whats giving to us. Thanks for the article and website.

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