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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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Mtn Home Idaho Army National Guard Photo with a Dog

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Color Me Stupid and Hang Me on the Clueless Wall
Okay, I've been living in Mountain Home Idaho for 3 years. I didn't know there was a Army National Guard Post located here. Company C , 116th Brigade Special Troops Battalion / 116th Cavalry (HBCT)

116th Cavalry in Mountain Home Idaho
Click to see a bigger picture

Looking for a Place to Walk the Dog
On Saturday January 15th, 2011 I set out to find a place to walk the dog. Originally I was going to try a dirt road near the John Hoffman Reservoir off Highway 20. Plan B was along Hot Springs Road / Teapot Dome Road a little further up the road. The road into John Hoffman was taken by bird hunters and appeared to be quite muddy...a muddy mess. Hot Springs Road was better but still quite muddy so I headed back to Mountain Home and settled on Hot Creek Road.

Mountain Home and Idaho's Silver City Mountains
Overlooking Mountain Home and the Silver City Mountains - Click for a bigger picture

Hot Creek Road and the 116th Cavalry Post
Parking just outside the road into the Army National Guard entrance meant no mud for the dog to track back into the truck. We headed down the road on foot towards the gated portion of the Post and was glad to see the road was paved. The dog and I were also happy to find a semi-paved road following the fence-line that extended our walk on a virtually deserted road. So for a warm, sloppy spring-like day in January, this area was just what we needed. The dog got some much needed exercise (me too) and I got chance to test out my new camera.

Addie the Plott Hound from Mountain Home Idaho
Click for a larger picture of Addie the Super Dog

Questions and Comments
So, did you know there is a Idaho Army National Guard Post located in Mountain Home? Do you know of a good place to walk a dog "off leash" that is paved and there is little to no traffic within 10 miles of Mountain Home? Have you ever been to the John Hoffman Reservoir?  Leave a comment or even a lot of comments and/or answers.



Comments (6)
  • Geoff Schroeder  - Worked there for almost 20 years

    I was with the first unit to occupy that facility- we moved the National Guard Unit up there from Boise in May of 1990. The unit is now on its second deployment to Iraq, and has changed from a heavy tank repair unit to an Engineer Company since then.

  • Tim Bondy

    Thanks Geoff. It's only been in Mountain Home for 21 years???? No wonder I didn't know is was here :-) I need to get out more often don't I?

  • Geoff Schroeder  - Coffee

    Let's go up there some morning when school is out and see what kind of coffee they make. I always made sure I had the best coffee around then....

  • Tim Bondy

    I'm up for some Army coffee. Just got to get the stars aligned for the day when there is no school and I'm not working.

  • Mathew  - Mtn Home Idaho Army National Guard Photo with a Do

    if you head out towards the air base right after the train tracks there is a road to the right that you can walk your dog that is paved and usually minimal traffic.
    the national guard station used to be an army reserve center years ago.

  • Tim Bondy the Admin

    Mathew, thanks for the tip on the place to walk my dog. I remember that next winter/spring when the ground is again sloppy. Although with last nights rain, the prairie might again be sloppy for a few day?

    And thanks for reading my website.

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