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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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Crystals of Silver City Idaho Area Rock Hounding Trip

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Silver City Mountains of Idaho

On Friday, August 13th 2010 we headed back to the Silver City, Idaho area for some more quartz crystal hunting. Our last rock hounding trip to this area was on June 27th and it was so productive we decided to head back there armed with a little more information. We now call this area "War Eagle Flats" and it's located about 0.5 mile, as the crow flies, south of War Eagle Mountain.

The Trip to War Eagle Flats
We unloaded the Arctic Cat at the end of the pavement of the Silver City Road and headed up toward New York Summit. This road is quite smooth but getting dusty as condition are drying out. Once you drop over the summit you'll need to turn left at 43.027405, -116.722945 on a dirt road that gets progressively rougher and steeper as you approach War Eagle Flats.

The views along this road are great as you travel though the pine forest with sweeping views across the Snake River Plains in many spots. So take a camera and record some "Kodak Moments" along the way. After all, rock hounding isn't just about the rocks but should also be enjoying the great outdoors too. You'll pass by the old Fairview Miners Cemetery where you can see a few headstones from this 1870's landmark. The views from here are more than "fair"...more like "spectacular".

Fairview Miners Cemetery near Silver City Idaho

The last ΒΌ miles of the road before getting up on the flats gets very rough, rocky and rutted but the views really open up to the north at this point also. Once up on War Eagle Flats you'll see dirt roads criss-crossing the area and the many mine tailings. Again some on private land, some on claimed land but also some on open land.

What We Found
We found lots of quartz crystals. Most of them in the 1-2 inch range and mostly broken up. But there were there were the few gems we found that made the trip a memorable rock hounding adventure. But just because most of the rocks we found weren't large or perfect doesn't mean they aren't "show" quality stuff. Some of the rocks are chocked full of small crystals and cool stuff like chalcedony.

Rock hounding finds from War Eagle Flats in Idaho

War Eagle Flats
Coordinates: 43.001008, -116.703991
Elevation: ~ 7,700 feet
Description: War Eagle Flats is a large open area on the south flank of War Eagle Mountain in the Silver City area. There are many old mine tailings in this area and "some" sit on public land so rock hounding is legal. Many of these tailings are on private or legally claimed lands so you have to do your homework before heading up there.
- A bag to place your rocks in.
- A digging tool but this isn't really necessary as most cool rocks are sitting on the surface. No reason to dig into this semi-sensitive alpine soil.
- Google Earth.
- The GeoCommunicator website
- A GPS Unit to keep you on public land.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on this rock hounding adventure.

Tim Bondy
The Bondyweb.Com author

Comments (8)
  • shannon harmon  - crystals of silver mountain

    Hello, was wondering if you can give me directions to the crystal mountian/war eagle mountain (are one of the same place??) out of silver city?? We dont have a GPS, but we could buy a cheap one if totally needed to find this place. Have been in the town of silver city before can you help us from there?

    Thanks Shannon and Andy~

  • Chance Hayes  - Need your advice please

    Hello, my name is Chance Hayes and I am headed to silver city this weekend to look for crystals. I have only gone out a couple of times looking for gems and mineral deposites. This will be my first trip to silver city and I was wondering if you could give me some good ideas or directions on where to try my luck? I would gr
    eatly appriciate it and thank you for your help.
    Chance Hayes

  • Tim Bondy the Admin  - advice?

    Sorry Chase, but my days of handing out advice have pretty much come to an end. Way too much give on my end and very little return gratitude on the other end. Even when people say they'll write and tell me what they found, it never makes it back to me or this website.

    Maybe try finding the place yourself and take pictures. Write back with your story and then we can forge a relationship of trust and exchange.

  • Jane Cain  - Rocks are awesome

    Crystal Park is cooll. Where in Idaho can you find Amethyst
    ? Oh and I wouldn't ignore you! There is too much knowledge in you to ignore!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey I heard there's rubies there but I doubt it. I know there's garnets though! :)

  • Randy  - War Eagle Flats

    Love the article.

    Been there and had a wonderful time. Tim, you are absolutely spot on... the best part of the trip was not the rocks, but the amazing vistas and the old cemetery.

    I'll add a couple of other points for folks willing to do the research to find this amazing place.

    - you need a high clearance vehicle.
    - Watch out for old open pit mines if you get off track...very dangerous so keep a very close eye on the kiddies.

  • Melanie Guttierrez  - quartz and silver?

    Friend brought me a palm sized crystal specimen from Mountain Home area. Looks to be mixed with silver. How can I tell silver from other mineral? What is likely from that area?

  • Anonymous  - Nice article

    That family and I are gonna take the rzr up the silver city today! Think I will take a detour to war eagle!

    Thanks so much for sharing

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