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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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Idaho Business News

About Idaho Business News:
This section deals mainly with Mountain Home business but I also expand my horizons and cover news from Boise or other areas of Idaho.  Business news items I like to cover are store openings, closings and opinions.


Good Hotel in Dillon Montana

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Best Western Paradise Inn in Dillon Montana

I just got back from our vacation that took us to places like Spencer, Idaho, Dillon Montana, Kellogg, Idaho and Riggins, Idaho.  I have some stories from our vacation but wanted to throw out some business reviews of places we visited before getting into the fun stuff.

The Hotel - Best Western Paradise Inn
This hotel was quite nice and the nicest one of our trip.  It was clean, modern and reasonably priced.  Just some of the things that made this hotel unusual:
1.  4 pillows on each bed.
2.  Clean.
3.  Beds were flat with no sag in the middle.
4.  Good but not great continental breakfast.
5.  Coffee in the room and in the lobby.
6.  Nice looking indoor swimming pool but I didn't use it as we were too busy having fun.
7.  Outdoor access to the rooms so no dragging bags through a hotel lobby.
8.  Close to restaurants.
We stayed here the nights of May 31st  and June 1st, 2010.

Most of the time, finding a hotel along a freeway is a crap shoot.  You just never know what you will get.  But the next time I'm in the Dillon Montana area, I would most definitely stay at the Best Western Paradise Inn again.  I'm sure there are some other nice hotels in southwest Montana but I'd not look any further that this Best Western.  

Hotel in Dillon Montana

Address of this Best Western
650 N Montana Street
Dillon, Montana 59725-3347

Thanks for visiting and commenting on this business story...and "No, I don't have any vested interest in this hotel or the Best Western company".

Tim Bondy
The Bondyweb.Com author

Last Updated on Sunday, 06 June 2010 07:52

Faceting Lessons 3 and Stoecker's Secrets Revealed

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Stoecker Jewelers Faceting Gems

My Stoecker Jewelers faceting lessons continued with the cutting of “the breaks” and reshaping “the girdle” of my ever evolving gemstone. I also got more insight into the jewelry business Mountain Home Style.

Faceting First
After some close examination of “the stone”, I discovered there were some very visible scratches that needed to be polished out. We got the polishing wheel out and I went about polishing out the scratches in pavilion facets. I quickly took care of this job and moved on to the next task.

Cutting in the “pavilion breaks” is a rather crucial task in gem cutting so I let the expert handle this delicate operation. I watched Kelly Willis do his mental geometry, dial in the faceting machine and within minutes the 8 breaks were cut. I took over and polished up these facets to a high gloss. Let me tell you, just cutting in those 8 facets and polishing them made a huge difference. Even the pointy “culet” turned into a nice sharp point.

Gemstone by Tim Bondy in Mountain Home Idaho

Due to a few minor overcuts and undercuts, I had to go back and recut/reshape the “girdle”. This delicate job was all mine and within 30 minutes, I had that stone looking pretty darn good.

Some Stoecker Secrets Revealed
Spending time in the “Employee's Only Area” of a jewelry store can reveal some interesting information. Here are just a few secrets I am willing to leak out:

1. Jewelers must eat lunch: I was taken in the “back-back room” for lunch and sort of sworn to secrecy as to what I was about to see. Let's just say the back-back room is rather crowded. I'm not sure what Michael and Kelly are working on back there so I'll leave it to my readers to figure out what it is and leave a comment.

Secrets of Stoecker Jewelers

2. No Lead Ammunition?: When a Master Jeweler makes up his mind to save the environment he will spare no expense. I understand the US Army is testing this blue sapphire gemstone filled “leadless bullet”.

Gemstone bullets

In reality, Michael and Kelly make these and you can buy your very own in a tie tack, cuff link and hat pin version. Seriously! Check them out as they are very cool.

3. Eyeglass Frame Repair: Every time I have been in Stoecker's both Michael and Kelly stay very busy. While I hope most of you know these two guys repair jewelry, I found out they also repair metal eyeglass frames.

Eyeglass frame repair by Stoeckers
Hard to see but this is Michael fixing a pair of eyeglasses

Faceting Words of Wisdom
My faceting lessons are moving along pretty much as I expected. Learning to faceting a stone can and will teach you patience. I'm still excited about this whole project and the projects the guys at Stoecker Jewelers have in store for me in the future. But to complicate matters, I present 2 direct quotes of wisdom:

  • “No matter how many faceting mistakes you make on a stone, it can be easily be fixed” – Kelly Willis from Stoeckers
  • “Never learn faceting on a gemstone you value.” - Michael Stoecker

Hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing about my experience. Leave a comment or question if you wish. If not, send a friend the link to this story so they can enjoy it.

Last Updated on Thursday, 01 September 2011 17:55

Boise News – Not a Mainstream Source

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Treasured Valley Website

Treasured Valley News in Boise is highlighted

Finding interesting news and discovering cool things about our region is sometimes tough.  The mainstream media is pretty much like an old fashioned cookie cutter, where every story is basically the same.  Radio, TV and newspapers all report on the same crimes, controversy or economic revelation.    So where does one go to discover the interesting yet unreported items from Boise?
The Treasured Valley website highlights local area news mostly written by regular people like you and me.  I have learned a lot about the Boise area by visiting their website.  Maybe you should take a few minutes to visit the Treasured Valley website too. Point your browser to:

Thanks for visiting and commenting on this story.

Tim Bondy
The Bondyweb.Com author

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 March 2010 00:11

Fast Moving Mountain Home City Council Meeting

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Entire Mountain Home City Council in session

The Mountain Home City Council Meeting held on Monday, August 22nd, 2011 was fascinating, moved along fast and lots of good things were discussed. As usual, City employees outnumber us regular citizens by a 2:1 ratio.

Some of the issued discussed during this meeting included:

1. The NLCM Lawsuit: The No Limits Christian Ministries, Inc lawsuit against the City will end up costing “us” ONLY about $75,000 - $80,000. This amount includes a $24,000 “damages award”.

- My Opinion: In today's litigious society, Mountain Home made out like a bandit. It could have been much worse. On the other hand, I think I can safely say because of this lawsuit, some very excellent local organizations will not be funded or funding will be cut. The Youth Center, The Mountain Home Museum, our City Bus routes to name just a few.

Adult entertainment establishments could spring up

2. Adult Entertainment: As a direct result of the “NLCM, Inc” lawsuit, the City will now likely allow “Adult Entertainment” establishments in select commercial zones around the city. The current City Land Use Chart allows adult entertainment establishments only after applying for and approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). This will change in the coming weeks or months.

- My Opinion: Once this Land Use Chart is changed and approved, there will be little if anything the City can do if someone wants to open a “Strip Club”. Yahoo!?!

New Police Chief Nick Schilz in Mountain Home Idaho

3. The New Police Chief: Looks like Nick Schilz is a wanted man in Mountain Home. His appointment to the Police Chief position was unanimously approved at this meeting. I understand this was a grueling process with over 70 individual interviewing for the job. Nick was the Elmore County Deputy Sheriff until getting this job.

- My Opinion: There will be an opening for a new Deputy Sheriff in Elmore County. Guess that is a forecast and not an opinion.

4. Dangerous Sidewalks: If the sidewalks in front of your house are in bad condition, you will likely be asked and then told to get them fixed. The Council agreed the city may/might/will help with some of the associated costs. If there is no sidewalk in front of your house, get ready to have one built. This is in the city ordinances.

- My Opinion: This could get expensive for some residents. Oh, the City “Sidewalk Budget” is only $10,000.

City of Mountain Home flipping houses

5. HUD Housing: The Council wants to act slowly and cautiously before buying a HUD owned house for $1 plus closing costs, home inspection fees and possible maintenance costs. If the City ends up buying a HUD owned house, they will sell it at public auction and the proceeds will go to our local Seniors Center.

My Opinion: The Seniors Center is an excellent organization that needs more funding. But I still don't believe “The City” should be in the house flipping business.

Bondyweb Rant Follows
In this day and age of computers, scanners and the internet, it would be nice if the City would post some of the support documentation on their new and improved website. I understand I could head on down to City Hall and pick up copies of these documents. I may have the time but why go through the expense of printing when a digital copy will do just fine.

Thnak you Mayor Rist

Bondyweb Thanks Follows
This humble and sometimes grumpy website owner, author and window washer would like thank the Mayor for putting a link to my website on the City website. See the bottom of the webpage located at:

The link is called “Life off Interstate 84 – Idaho”.

Hope you enjoyed my Mountain Home City Council Meeting Minutes for this week. Leave a comment and tell me what you think. If you enjoyed it you could also tell a friend about me by sending them a link. Please?


Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 August 2011 13:18

If Only I Had $700,000

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The Old Murphy Hot Spring Resort near Jarbidge is For Sale???

For Sale Murphy Hot Spring in Idaho

It looks like the old Murphy Hot Springs is for sale.  The following is an ad I saw for the 125 acre piece of land on the East Fork of the Jarbidge River.


    * Address: 49 miles west of Rogerson Idaho., Rogerson, ID 83302 (map)
    * Date Posted: 02/09/10
    * Posted by: Unregistered user, active since 02/2010


ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPERTUNITY (Don't miss this one.)

Exclusive, hunting, fishing, and hiking acreage 10 miles from the Jarbidge Wilderness Area of Nevada. This is a real ground floor opportunity. Don't miss out on this 125 acres once in a life time opportunity.

This beautiful recreational land is located 80 miles west of Jackpot, Nevada and is truly a once in a life time opportunity.

The East fork of the Jarbidge River flows through the property and is surrounded by BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. This property is the only privately owned 125 acres on the East fork of the Jarbidge river.

An all weather road (black top) from High Way 93 makes this hunting fishing and recreational land easily accessible year round. An airstrip, county maintained is located on the rims near the property and is used frequently by hunters and fishermen that frequent the area.

The property has a deep water well that pumps 80 gals. Per Minute. Electricity, is available in the area.

I bought this property many years ago and now Must sell. I am an elderly retiree and need to move this property as soon as possible.

I will consider carrying the note with a 25% down payment.

Read more:

I think this piece of land would make a great gift for the webmaster of the website, don't you?  You can donate to this great cause at any time.  I accept all forms of payment so don't be shy.  

Map of the area!

View Larger Map

Thanks for visiting and commenting on this story.


Tim Bondy
The Bondyweb.Com author

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 February 2010 14:09

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