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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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And Then There Were 3 Candidates

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The Annual Mountain Home, Idaho Election Political Forum hosted by the Chamber of Commerce was held on Wednesday October 9th, 2013.  And there are only 3 candidates for our local election for the 2 seats on the Mountain Home City Council.  They are:
-  Alain Isaac
-  Geoff Schroeder
-  Rick Urquidi

I was there and wanted to pass on some observations from this event.  So here goes...











1.  Not many people attended this event telling me the folks in Mountain Home are so darn knowledgeable about these 3 candidates for City Council they don't even have to hear from them.  But for me, this forum actually gave me the information to make a very hard choice on who I will likely vote for in this local election.  


2.  None of the candidates have a written nor formal verbal platform.  Or as they all said, “they don't have an agenda”.  No platform? No agenda? Hell, that usually means no votes from an educated electorate.

Seriously, the people who are going to be discussing and deciding where your tax dollars are headed and shape plans for the future of our City and they have no plans?  Winging it isn't usually a good idea and this issue concerns me greatly.  


3.  Only one candidate mentioned the “C” word.  Of course it was the only woman candidate that had the guts to blurt out the word “Communication”.  Look out Alain Isaac, the people may show up at your house with hot tar and feathers, you heretic, you. :-)  You got my vote for using the “C” word, Alain.


4.  The phrase “Quality of Life” was uttered many times during this forum.  It was used to explain why our property taxes are higher than in Boise.  Heck, if the Simplot nightmare scenario unfolds as a citizens told the story during this event, we will have Quality of Life and it will be all bad.  But only for those of us who have a nose or drink water.  Maybe a platform and a plan for the future really is important.


5  Economic Development was another buzz word.  Just what are the economic development plans for the City of Mountain Home?  Have these plans been “communicated” to the people?  Maybe the City could go out and actively recruit a sister industry to match our Elmore County plans of bringing in a slaughterhouse?


6.  Water.  While we are discussing economic development, no platform and quality of life we might as well throw unicorns and water into the mix.  Did I actually hear someone say our Mayor projects we have only 20 years left before our underground drinking water supplies runs out?  I think I heard that but someone will correct me if I am mistaken, I'm sure.

-  Anyone who doesn't thinks there is anything more important than water to this community should round up that herd of unicorns that drank all the water in the Mountain Home Reservoir this summer.











This political forum was highly informative and educational.  It is my hope that any likely voters who deliberately decided not to attend this event will do the right thing and stay out of the voting booth this November 5th, 2013.

This is my Life Off Interstate 84 in Mountain Home, Idaho



Last Updated on Thursday, 10 October 2013 09:31

Mountain Home Mystery Business

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 Mountai Home Idaho Beauty huh

The photo above was taken on October 15th, 2013. However, I can assure you, only the orientation of those Adirondack Chairs have changes in the last 13 months. Yes, that is the front entrance to this business. And, yes this business is still open and customers walk into that door each day it is open.

The City of Mountain Home posted this story about the mystery business.

"Beautification Grant
October 15, 2013 by jmcdaniel Leave a Comment
Chase Bank is giving away 13 $250,000 beautification grants to local businesses across the nation. The winners are decided by how many Facebook votes they get so if you have Facebook please click on the link below and vote! They have to have a minimum of 250 votes to qualify and we have 3 local business competing. Lane's Appliance, XXXXXXX XXXXX and Mountain Home Eye Care. You can vote for any or all of them but only one time each. Please help one of our local businesses win this!"

Can you guess where in Mountain Home, Idaho this photo was taken and what business it is?

This is Life Off Interstate 84 in Mountain Home, Idaho!


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Hike the North Bank of Long Tom Creek

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The idea of hiking along the north bank of Long Tom Creek where it dumps into the Reservoir has fascinated me for a few years now.  And with a strong cold front moving through this area, I decided I needed to stay close to Mountain Home, not stray too far off the beaten path but explore a new place.  The area north of Long Tom Reservoir was the perfect location for a hike.

Stay High and Dry
Being a very dry year, Long Tom Creek is probably at historic lows and the size of the reservoir probably wasn't anywhere near normal either.  I figured hiking the ridge-line north of the creek would give me a good vantage point to check out the surrounding scenery.  It did.

The cold front was obviously moving in rapidly as dark, gray and steadily lowering clouds moved in from the west.  I knew it wouldn't be long before it started to rain.  The only question was how hard and how long would it rain.  The rain started just as I reached the ridge-line above Willowdale Creek that dumps into the northern side of the reservoir.  This would be my turn back point.

The Apocalypse Landscape
Plain and simple, the area around Long Tom Reservoir got burned pretty badly during the August 2013 Elk Complex Wildfire.  And my path took me straight through the burn scar and this wasn't something I had thought about until I hopped across Long Tom Creek at the beginning of this exploration hike. 

I knew this area wasn't a rock hounding spot so scenery, the exercise and exploration were the only reasons to be out here.  Unfortunately for me and the land, there were places on this hike I felt a Hollywood crew could film a realistic type apocalyptic, end of the world as we know movie without any problems.  The fire burned off a vast majority of the sagebrush leaving near bare ground.  It was just plain ugly and empty in these places.

Low, Sandy, Easy and Wet
When the rain started, I had a few choices.  I could head north, get on the dirt road and head back.  I could head back along the ridge-line I just walked.  Or I could take the easy way back to the car along the now dry Long Tom Creek-bed.

I headed down to the creek bed and headed due east.  This was some easy hiking on the sandy shores of Long Tom Reservoir and Long Tom Creek.  The rain continued for the entire hike back.  Fortunately for me, the rain was relatively light.

It was kind of cool seeing the river bottom I fished back in April 2012.  You can read the story at 

The Adventure Scorecard - 5 Stars or Worse
  • Remoteness:  3 Stars - I doubt many people venture out here.
  • Beauty:  2 Stars
  • Cleanliness of Our Lands:  1 Stars for the copious amounts of burned cow patties and scorched landscape. 
  • Rock Hounding:  Not Calculated
  • Wildlife:  1 Star - Only saw a few birds and very little sign of any big game in this area.  Weird
  • Overall Score:  2 Stars  
View a map of the area at:,-115.56879&z=14&t=T

View some more photos at: 
(may not be accessible to everyone at all times...sorry)

This is my Life Off Interstate 84 in Mountain Home, Idaho

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Rock Hounding Alder Creek Road of the Owyhee's

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Rock hounding off of Alder Creek Road south or Oreana, Idaho promised to be epic.  Or so I thought.  While the rock hounding wasn't great, the scenery, sense of exploration and future possibilities made this trip rather great.  In the 5.5 hours we were out in the desert, the sounds of a helicopter(s) off to the southwest for most of the day and the one truck we passed made it feel downright crowded out there. 

Pushing Further South Than Ever Before
This trip, on a warm Sunday November 10, 2013, started just off the Oreana Loop Road around 12:00 pm.  During our trip (click here to read about it) in this same area on Oct 27th, 2013 we only made it about 4.5 miles into the Owyhee Front due to the cool stuff we found.  On this trip, we decided to head further south and get more into what I'll call the old mining district of Castle Creek.  

Rocks Change and Change Again
The mixed-up cobble rocks of the first 4 miles we saw during our last trip gradually changed to a more white quartz based environment at the 5 mile point.  The change was easy to see even while riding on an ATV.  As a matter of fact, there were places where the shear amount and coverage of bright white quartz was pretty darn impressive.

We stopped for lunch, which was just a good excuse to rock hound, at the area where thick veins of the white quartz intersperse with pyrite/mica crossed the road.  While impressive looking, we found no real keepers during the walk up to the ridge to our west.  But the views from up there were quite nice.

By the time we got to the intersection of road and C701 and C707 down into Spiry Place, the rocks changed back to a more cobbly mix of  'leaverite' and much less white quartz.  We continued on C701 to the southwest and down into the Alder Creek canyon.  I'm beginning to think the buildings we discovered at the end of the road (for us) are old 1920's mining buildings.  If anyone knows, be sure to drop me a line...Please.

The Old Mining District of Castle Creek
The mining district, as seen on our topo maps, was our real goal for the day.  We figured there might be some cool rocks, gems and crystals to be had in this general area.  And if we could stay off “claimed and private lands”, we might come home with some excellent rocks. 

We searched low and high, wide and deep but couldn't find any really cool rocks.  We searched around old mine tailings, new tailings, streambeds, ridgetops and everywhere else where the topo maps showed mines and old prospects.  About the only thing we brought home from this area was one question.

What the heck were these miners seeing that made them dig deep into the dirt?

The Adventure Scorecard - 5 Stars or Worse
  • Remoteness:  4 Stars - While less than 15 miles from the town of Oreana, this is a remote place. 
  • Beauty:  3 Stars
  • Cleanliness of Our Lands:  2 Stars - lots of cow patties but human trash was all focused on the roadside for the most part. 
  • Rock Hounding:  3 Stars but the promise of a 5 star location could be just over the next hillside.  Frustration!
  • Wildlife:  2 Star - Birds, a snake and a few rabbits were seen on this trip. 
  • Overall Score:  3 Stars  
View a map of the area at:,-116.42212&z=13&t=T

View some more photos at:     (may not be accessible to everyone at all times...sorry)

This is my Life Off Interstate 84 in Mountain Home, Idaho

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 November 2013 15:42

Costly Idaho Races

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Quick Stats

So, you want to be a US Congressperson or Senator from Idaho? Better have deep pocket and rich friends. And if you really want to win that race you better outspend your opponents by a significant amount.

Here is the election spending as of approximately the middle of October 2008.

Idaho District 1 House Seat
Winner:  Democrat Walt Minnick: $2,298,776
Loser:  Republican Bill Sali : $982,442
Yearly Salary of US Congressmen: $169,300
Terms of Office: 2 Years

Idaho's US Senate Seat
Winner:  Republican Jim Risch $3,042,892
Loser:  Democrat Larry Larocco $1,324,039
Yearly Salary of US Senator $169,300
Term of Office: 6 Years


Last Updated on Monday, 10 November 2008 23:04

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